V I N T A G E Meeting at CRPAL

September 8 th, 2024 at CRPAL in Anthisnes
Jean-Pierre Awouters, president of CRPAL in Anthisnes suggests that we maintain the date of the competition scheduled for September 8 in order to meet together and rekindle the "vintage" flame in complete safety, according to Covid terms.
For acro airplane pilots, depending on demand, a friendly competition * is organized to liven up the day.
On the other hand, any pilot with a vintage model, whether beginner or semi-model or acrobatic (we accept all models from the past century) will be welcome to move his plane freely between the competition rounds. or simply exhibit his model (s).
For the good logistics of this one, would you like to confirm your presence to us for the 01 sept. Either by mail or by tel. to the section coordinators:
yves.van.gompel@hotmail.fr 0497/838 672 or alain.laruelle@yahoo.fr 0476/427 333
We thank Jean-Pierre for his great initiative.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Yves and Alain

Competitions according to the 3 categories, the programs are available in the "Management" section. 3 categories of which the "Novice" category is not judged.